Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finding a Match

The bond between a surro and their IPs is something entirely unique to the surrogate community. No traditional relationship can be compared. Until you've experienced the heartbreak and pain of infertility and until you know how it feels to be willing to ensure that you would die to give them a child, you don't really understand. There's a level of comfort that comes with the right match that you can't fake and you can't put into words. While the IPs remain cautiously optimistic, the surro does everything she can to reassure them.

Being a surrogate for someone requires a lot of commitment. It is very much like a full-time job. Embryo transfers don't always take and it could take months or even years before you are pregnant with their child. Getting to know the IPs at first is very much like the first few dates with someone new. Both parties are excited and anxious to continue speaking, but at the same time you're guarded because you don't want to invest too much emotionally in case it doesn't work out.

For me, meeting my perfect IPs was much easier than I anticipated. I expected months, even years of talking to IPs before finally meeting the right ones. In reality, my IM found me and conversation flowed between us so easily that I was convinced it was too good to be true. Not only were the IPs amazingly understanding of my husband's crazy schedule and the toddler I have who occasionally decides to "help" me type or refuses to allow me five minutes to end a conversation before tending to him, but they have everything I could ask for in a pair of IPs. They both have stable jobs, she works from home, they desire involvement with the pregnancy, they're loving, caring and honestly, they have that connection with me that tells me this is the right family. They were sent to me for a reason and I am meant for them.

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