Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Progress! and a little speed bump

I'm slowly getting over the disappointment from the bombshell the previous IPs dropped on me. I can understand it somewhat, but the way it was handled was...without tact and thoughtless in my opinion. I'm sure they see it differently but I still harbor a bit of resentment for them. I feel horrible saying that because they're genuinely good people. I hope they find a donor to move forward with.

As for myself, I've been moving forward as well. I had an appointment on Friday to get some of the required blood work done for future REs and signing the releases for my records. I have a wonderful relationship with the PA (physician's assistant) at my PCM's (primary care manager-my insurance company's name for your primary doctor) office and she told me she'd get everything done ASAP so I'd have it before she moves. I'm sad she's leaving the practice and even more sad that she's moving so far away (Utah), but I'm glad I got in to see her before she left.

Anyway, she called on Monday to tell me that the menagerie of tests I'd written down had come back and all were perfect so she was giving me the go-ahead for my surrogacy (woot!). She also called in a prescription for birth control pills so I can be on them ahead of time for cycle predictability (and manipulation) and to prevent pregnancy...which brings me to the speed bump. Not sure how it came up, but N and I were talking last night as we lay in bed and he mentioned wanting a second child after he comes back from Afghanistan. He knows the risks associated with surrogacy and doesn't think much of them. This is a weird situation for me because we talked about this 5 or 6 months ago and I was the one wanting a second child and he didn't. I'm not interested in raising another child. I loved being pregnant and I'm anxious to pursue the surrogate route, but I don't want more children of my own. I hope he'll come to understand why, but for me, I've got all I need with our son.

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